Paul Polman—CEO of Unilever

“Business needs three things from the political community: clarity, confidence, and perhaps most of all, courage. The more of these that the global business community can see, the greater and more transformational will be the business response.”

Paul Polman—CEO of Unilever


“More and more market leaders are turning to power purchase agreements (PPAs) as one of the best ways to ensure a supply of reliable, cost-competitive renewable energy. With rising national climate ambitions and a drastic need to lower emissions, it has never been more important to identify areas of collaboration for clean energy partnerships.”

Antonella Santilli—Head of Sustainability, Enel Green Power


“Poland’s net metering policy for households unlocked greater residential demand for solar and prompted us to launch and expand our home solar business.”

Karol Gobczyński—Climate and Energy Manager of IKEA Group


“When policymakers and the private sector can find climate interests that align, they can catalyze action that benefits all.”

Sébastien Pellion—Climate Change Specialist, Sustainable Development Department, SUEZ


"Iberdrola is committed to our role in achieving the Paris Agreement goals. We decided to phase out our coal-fired power plants and have called on regulators to increase their renewable energy targets."

Miguel Muñoz Rodríguez—Head of Climate Policy for Iberdrola